Give your guest something to help them remember how awesome your event was.



If you’re a photobooth pro or willing to become one, this is it. Look no further.


Brand activation

Selfiebox is a commercial grade photobooth, ready to make your next event admired. Create a prominent brand activation and cut through the traditional advertising clutter.

Strike real emotions

Consumer brand activations are a very crucial part of building a positive brand perception. Enhance the image of a product. Strike real emotions. Build a loyal fanbase.

Physical and digital experience

Reach people on multiple levels. Blend physical and digital experiences together and let people walk away from your event remembering, what it was like to touch, taste and feel.


Integrate the experience with other types of marketing channels. Cultivate real life engagement with target consumers and create future marketing leads. Generate awarness and visibility for a company.

What is selfiebox?

Event Agency

Are you an event agency, willing to create events that connect emotionally? Create engaging experimental events with your own photobooth, returning the investment in less than 10 events. Create an engaging and memorable experience. Strike real emotions.

Product manager/company/brand

Selfiebox is a promotional tool helping you to bring life into an aging brand or reinforce the brand positioning. It can be used for in-store retail marketing, helping you to enhance the image of a product and building a loyal fanbase, creating a closer step in the path to purchase. Position the brand into consumers’ mind. They will display those pictures on their FB walls, even real walls, desks and other social media feeds.

Photographer/wedding organizer

If you’re looking for the cherry on top beside your beautiful wedding photos and the extra something that will distinguish your services from the competition, Selfiebox photobooth is the thing. People like doing selfies, believe us. A lot. Instead of leaving the service to someone else, close the deal with your own photobooth.

Hotel/congres center/club/

Install Selfiebox into your lobby or some other attractive spot and give your guests a  memory of staying at or visiting your place. Offer an interactive advertising platform for other brands. Personal  experiences lead to a trustworthy and admired brand.


Work Hard and Be Nice

Selfiebox is a trademark created by individuals  who worked hard to master the photobooth industry. Passion and experiences from different fields, from photography, engineering and design summed up in the service, as well in the Model 1. Our reputation as a market leader is built upon our client track record. Dedication and commitment to our clients runs deep at Selfiebox.

Find out how to use Selfiebox and what we already did.

Case studies


There was a tired old tripod lying on the ground in a dusty basement. The bruises and scars were proving that his once adventurous life was over and he was left to the mercy of cruel time.

Product details

Selfiebox Model 1 is a commercial grade photobooth, designed for the highest demands in the event industry. Advanced design, materials and components are there to deliver outstanding performance in terms of user experience, durability and image quality.

Event Gallery

No matter the age, gender or status, trust us, people like to be photographed. Have you met Selfiebox at an event? Find your pictures inside our gallery or find out where we’ve been.