Brussels Hashprinter Corner

Our client came up with an idea to revive their headquarters lounge, so we as photography and technology lovers, suggested a photowall decent enough for the era we are living in. We designed and built an interactive printer/photowall, to encourage our clients guests to take and create hashtaged pictures. A so called hashprinter corner enables users to take pictures with their phone and after posting it to Instagram, a thoughtful user experience enables them to print and pick those photos on the spot. The wall itself was designed from scratch, including special lighting, with care for detail and in line with the existing interior, also maintaining the existing function of the room(charging spot). All the parts were custom made, tested in our studio, disassembled and transported to the European people’s party headquarters in Brussels. There was everything reassembled and connected to their network, where now operates 24/7, seven day a week.


We developed our own software, enabling instant refreshing times of the hashtag feed, customizable branding features, easier navigation and data colleting options. The software will be soon available for purchase in our shop.


Check out a short presentation video and some pictures.