Wedding at Bled Castle, Slovenia

The wedding took place in beautiful Castle at lake Bled in Slovenia. A big party, with around 400 guests, weren’t to many for Selfiebox. The guests took selfies in front of a purple colored studio backdrop. The pictures were then printed for each photographed guest one or as many they wanted. We’ve printed more than 600 images in the night. Two Sinfonia CS2 thermosub printers were runing without a break, providing the customers a good experience without overcrowding. Custom one-piece photoprops made with the help of CNC machines out of a durable Forex material, were sustainable enough to cope with such extent of people and were just the right augmentation to the shots. Pictures were then handed over at the popup desktop, filed into passepartous. All the picutres were instantly uploaded to an online gallery, accesible with password and ready to be downloaded or shared via social media.

2017, Bled Castle, Slovenia