Woman Eurobasket

The Selfiebox protmotion took place in Prague, Czech Republic and in Istanbul, Turkey, during the men’s preparation games for the FIBA Olympic qualifying tournaments. Visitors were invited to take selfies in front of interchangable backgrounds. We used a chromakey background to seperate the photographed subjects (people), which allowed us to instantly digitally change the backgrounds. The users could choose from 5 different backgrounds. The taken photos were also instantly loaded to a web page (http://timetoshine.fiba.com), accesible with unique code for download. Our software sollution generates a unique code and prints it to every picture, so the users can access their digital copies later, remain their privacy and move faster through the experience. A social media share is then made directly from their devices, usually smartphones. During the activation, a prize game was organized, to make the experience even more attractive and to collect user data, without delaying the proces at the spot. A live view from the Selfiebox screen was projected on six external displays, allowing people to see the photographing and captivate them to join.


Zadrga communications agency was entrusted to develop a unique branding concept and prepare all production materials for a successful as well visually stunning event.

Date and Place

Prague and Istanbul, 2016


Woman Eurobasket