The ultimate photobooth system

Express. Impress. Deliver.

Selfiebox Model 1 is a commercial grade photobooth, designed for the highest demands in the event industry. Model 1 doesn’t do one thing well, it does everything exceptionally. Advanced design, materials and components are there to deliver outstanding per- formance in terms of user experience, durability and image quality.


Using Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composites allowed us to make ultra-lightweight single piece monocoque body. Along with strength and lightweight properties it offers extremely durable and shock resistant structure. With the use of aerospace grade aluminium, we managed to reduce the weight of the Selfiebox One, below 20kg.

Fast set-up time and simplicity was one of the most challenging design features of the Selfiebox One. Using simple setup with only one power cable and single fastener system allows assembly by a single person in less than three minutes. Carried in a plastic or aluminium transport case it can be taken anywhere, anytime with a zero possibility of damage.

Aesthetics are there to make a statement. Selfiebox One is created as an expression of our creativity, ingenuity and attention to finest details. It is the most technically sophisticated and advanced designed photobooth available. Combining modern design with vintage features forms unique and distinctive character of all our products.

Create your own lightning in every shoot.

  1. Selfiebox uses Elinchrom professional studio flashes compatible with the variety of lightshapers provided by them.
  2.  Model 1 comes equiped with Elinchrom RX 1 studio flash with 100W modeling lamp, 100Ws flash power output, 90 degrees reflector and translucent umbrella, providing easy adjustable, soft and quality light. Flash is mounted on a carbon fiber telescopic stand with integrated power supply cable which connects into a 3D printed quick release retainer.
  3. Their is a Skyport wireless multichannel trigger built in the photobooth, enabling adjusting and triggering as many flashes as you want, without external cables and manual adjusments.

Other specialities


A palm-sized form features a special passive-cooled chassis, that eliminates cooling fans to create zero noise. owerful Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake processor combined with up to 32GB of memory space and 500GB storage, offers a comfortable amount of performance even for a 4K UHD live image rendering. Integrated 802.11ac and Gigabit Ethernet ensures lightning-fast wired and wireless network connectivity.


At a mere 10kg It is the world’s smalllest and lighhtest dye sublimation printer with excellent printing quality,durability, and fast print speed. Capable of producing 300dpi prints in less than 11 seconds with glossy or matter finish. A special overcoat adds exceptional durability with strong resistance to light, heat, stains and fingerprints.


Selfiebox photobooth uses latest generation Canon DSLRs and USM lenses. Sensitive CMOS sensors, fast and accurate autofocus, durability and simple navigation all together sum up in stunning results in any situation. No compromises here. Image quality is our number one priority.

Adjustable printing layout
for every occasion.

Separeted printing unit design ensures lighter and more compact dimensions, easy installation and untroublesome transportation. It enables you to configure a custom layout of the designated space, leaving you with better people flow control, more branding space and the possibility to connect more printing units.

A pop-up desk, sat up in minutes provides a hiding place for the printer and a great place for costumers to get their photos in hands from your kind staff. It’s also provides a large branding area, ready to be wraped into your or clients logo. The Printerbox is designed to harmoniously work with our Selfiebox in a one man band. An elegant and compact solution ensures your clients, that getting their photos in their hands is a pleasing experience.

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