1. Engage your guests into

a fun experience

No matter the age, gender or status, trust us, people like to be photographed. Create an engaging experience for your guests and convert them into social ambassadors.


2. Increase your organic reach.

Let your guests display those pictures on their FB walls and other social media feeds. Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times more engagement than those without images. The more organic reach that you have, the better your lead generation and conversion funnels will work.


3. Print branded photos instantly.

Blend physical and digital experiences together and reach people on multiple levels. Let them walk away from the event remembering what it was like to feel, taste, savor.. Let them walk away from the event with a beautiful photo in their hand accompanied by your branded material.

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4. Collect consumer data in a fun way


Selfiebox user interface provides a great platform for collecting consumer data. Collect emails, names or any other data, or organize a prize game and reward your guests or customers later with a surprise, coupons, discounts.

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5. Personalized photos

Check out a few samples of our shots. Options extends into colorful backdrop pallete, or a digitaly interchangable
chromakey (greenscreen) background, or a custom built scene...

6. Create a unique experience

Choose your color of the box, experiment with backgrounds, props and light, write down your own slogan..
Be creative and inspiring. Challenge us. Inspire your guest to share your branded content.


7. Full service for your event

Selfiebox team provides a full service for your event with an operator or. a hostess or any other animator. We design and create custom photo props, background or showroom and set the box and studio lightning for a unique experience. We adjust the software for watermarking photos with your logo, establish an internet connection and set everything for a direct upload to your social media or print.