Sheer joy and love

There was a tired old tripod lying on the ground in a dusty basement. The bruises and scars were proving that his once adventurous life was over and he was left to the mercy of cruel time. The old tripod, owned by the grand- fathers of the Selfiebox creator, began the story from the sheer joy and love to crafstmanship. The tripod was rein- carneted and created the Selfiebox.

Spirit and commitment

The spirit and commitment to build the best photobooth took us to many places around the world, expanded our team and services and delivered thousands of pictures to our clients. After many years in the event photography, we are still intrigued by the great event atmosphere, great photography, great design and great engineering giving us the driving force to continue to create. Our future mission is to stop the world for a few seconds and fill it with joy that is brought by experiences created with this wonderful machines.

Designed from scratch

There are small, barely noticable things, making your life a lot easier. Designing our own photo- booth allowed us to optimize the experience for the both sides. The one behind the lens and the on in front of it and at the same time preserve the pleasent look and feel.

Robert Plazovnik
Engineer & product developer

If there's going to be a photobooth standing on the moon in the near future, this is the guy who will be responsible for it. He likes to think big, but he knows that big things are made out of the smallest details. Knowledge from industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering is allowing him to conquer any challenge in the field of technics.

Sami Rahim
Photographer & product developer

Sami is together with Robert, responsible for the vision of the company. He is a photographer with years of experience in the event photography. Despite photography being his first love and duty, he cannot deny his passion about product development and pure excitement that comes with it in the field of engineering and business.

Nejc Ketiš
Photographer & event operator

Nejc is our in-house artist and alter culture representative. He is the first advocate of the quote »love is analog«. From analog and polaroid photography, to graffiti street art and stencils, into design and illustration. He does it all! But just because he didn't want to bankrupt on the Kodak Portra 160, he grasped the »Digital« as an ace!

Rok Protič
Photographer & event operator

Rok is a prolonged photography lover and our wisecracker on duty. There is always a joke in his pocket, ready to make your eyes pour down tears and laugh your head off. But when it comes to seriousness, he doesn't like to leave anything to a coincidence. He will show up 1 hour early, better two, just to make sure he’ll get all his ducks in a row.